Between the House of Habsburg and Tito

A Look at the Slovenian Past 1861-1980

Jezik: angleški
Vrsta gradiva: Besedilo
Leto: 2016
Založnik(i): Institute of Contemporary History
Soavtor(ji): Jurij Perovšek (ed.), Bojan Godeša (ed.)
Zbirka: Zbirka Vpogledi, ISSN 2350-5656; 14
Posamezni prispevki:
  • Jurij Perovšek / Bojan Godeša: Preface
  • Marko Zajc: Late Habsburg Monarchy as a Framework of Political Coexistence: the Slovenian Case
  • Filip Čuček: The Questions of the National Cohabitation (or Lack Thereof), Democratisation and Political Pluralisation in Slovenia in the Austrian Constitutional Period
  • Jurij Perovšek: Slovenians and Yugoslavia 1918–1941
  • Jure Gašparič: The Parliament is Nothing but a Fairground. On the Characteristics of Parliamentary Debate in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia (1919–1939)
  • Vida Deželak Barič: Questions of OF Democracy and Coexistence in the Opinion of Slovenian Marxists 1918–1941
  • Bojan Godeša: Slovenian Resistance Movement and Yugoslavia 1941–1945
  • Damijan Guštin: Armed Resistance in Slovenia, Slovenian Partisan Army 1941-1945 in Relationshio to the Yugoslav Command
  • Boris Mlakar: Ideological Basis of Collaboration in Europe During World War II and a Short Comparison with Slovenia
  • Mojca Šorn: Life in Occupied Slovenia During World War II
  • Andrej Pančur: History of the Holocaust in Slovenia
  • Zdenko Čepič: The Time of Tito's Yugoslavia, Key Issues Between 1945 and 1980
  • Nevenka Troha: Yugoslav-Italian Border and the Issue of Slovenian Access to the Sea
  • Aleš Gabrič: Slovenian Language and the Yugoslav People's Army
  • Jurij Hadalin: The Civil Repressive Apparatus of the Second Yugoslavia and Its Perception Among the Slovenian Public